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C H AI R M A N ’ S L E T T E R

                     The Threshold of a New Year

                         BY PAT KELLY, FCICA CHAIRMAN

             EMBRACING CHANGE HAS BEEN      conducted earlier this year. FCICA’s   details in January. This meeting will focus
           OUR MANTRA AND AN ABSOLUTE       new mission statement is: We help   on expanding your knowledge, finding
           NECESSITY NAVIGATING THIS PAST   make commercial flooring contractors   solutions to problems and networking with
           YEAR PERSONALLY, PROFESSIONALLY   successful through expert education,   other leading flooring manufacturers and
           AND WITHIN THE ASSOCIATION. IN   sharing best practices and professional   service providers.
           TIMES OF ECONOMIC UNCERTAINTY    networking. This mission statement is   Thank you to our members for your
           AND AN EVER-CHANGING             supported by the following four strategies:   continued support of FCICA. The
           MARKETPLACE, IT IS A GOOD TIME    1.  Grow membership and engagement    continued success of this Association and
           TO THINK ABOUT OUR FOUNDATION.       in FCICA.                     its ability to provide value to its members
           FCICA embraced change when we attained   2.  Create opportunities for members     is due to your membership commitment,
           new staff and pivoted our Mid-Year      to network in large and small       financial support and the contribution of
           Meeting from a 100 attendee in-person      group settings.         your time by participating in committees,
           conference to a 430 attendee virtual event   3.  Expand quality education and       presenting webinars, authoring articles
           while continuing to benefit our members      certification programs offered       for flooring publications and remaining
           by serving as the resource for premier      through FCICA.         connected with your industry peers.
           commercial flooring contractors. As we   4.  Increase recognition of FCICAs value    As we seal 2020 and cross the threshold
           move forward into the new year, we will      within the industry.  into 2021, we will strive to keep each
           continue to embrace change in the country,   These strategies will lay the foundation   other successful. FCICA’s platform:  its
           our jobs and the association.    for the important work of the committees.   programs, networking opportunities
             As we move to 2021, we are excited to   If you are interested in joining a committee,  and initiatives, will continue to support
           implement a new 3-year strategic plan with  click here, or contact FCICA Staff.  that effort to realize our mission to ‘help
           a revised mission statement, strategies and   We are eagerly anticipating the 2021   make commercial flooring contractors
           goals. The Board of Directors developed   Annual Convention. We are evaluating   successful.’ 
           this plan from feedback members   when we can safely hold the event and
           provided through the strategic plan survey   will be sharing more information on

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        f (630) 790-3095                                                   flooring contractors
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        Ste. 560, Westlake Village, CA  We help make commercial flooring
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        f (805) 272-9729       Christine Schwartzkopff  For subscription information,   professional networking. This mission is
                               FCICA Association Manager  please contact: JG Media Group
        Sales Manager/Co-Publisher:  LLC, (805) 870-5171 or email:   supported by the following four strategies:
        Dan Lipman             t (630) 672-3702                                               1. Grow membership and engagement in
        t (805) 368-3867       Rick Church                                   FCICA.
                               FCICA Managing Director
                                              2. Create opportunities for members to
                               t (630) 672-3702                              network in large and small group settings.
                                                                            3. Expand quality education and certification
                                                                             programs offered through FCICA.
                                                                            4. Increase recognition of FCICA’s value
                                                                             within the industry.

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